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Sun Stop Window Tint Decorative Films have taken the market by storm. Interior designers, contractors
and residential & commercial window installers are enthusiastically embracing these designs!

Decorative window film is ideally suited for applications that require day or night privacy without
sacrificing the natural light levels in both commercial and residential applications. Commercial films
are found in banks, restaurants, health clubs, hotel foyers, conference rooms, and are used as office
partitioning. Commercial building are dramatically increasing the use of internal glass walls as
partitioning which brings natural light into offices, creating greater work productivity, as well as the
illusion of a more spacious room with privacy.

Films are installed using a water and soap based solution. Decorative window films are easily removed
and replaced to the appearance at a later time. This, of course, is a great advantage as most landlords
do not object to their tenants' installation of film when they find out the product can be removed.





Flexible Design Sun Stop Window Tint allows the customer to bring colour, visual effects and graphic 
patterns to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces or customize a space with a corporate logo or signage.
Cost Effective Etched glass is an expensive option when compared with these aesthetically pleasing and versatile film treatments.
Enhanced Privacy

and versatile film treatments.

offices, and commercial environments.



Glare Reduction Decorative films reduce eye strain and help improve conditions for office employee and building tenants.







Add Decorative Films to:


• Glass partitions to add privacy
• Retail displays
• Walkways
• Office doors * conference rooms * private spaces
• Bathrooms without blocking the light.
• Make glass surfaces clearly and beautifully visible
• To delineate passageways enhance safety in public spaces
• Add flexibility to displays


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