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…solar, safety and enhanced



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Whether you are a small business or billion

rand corporation, you do what it takes to

reduce expenses and protect your bottom
line. With Sun Stop Window Tint solar

window film installed on your office you can

save significantly on energy costs, maintain a
more and productive environment, reduce

interior fading and improve exterior

appearance. Our window films start working

for you the minute they installed to your

glass offering you benefits beyond your

needs year after year.











... health & skin risk


Designing energy efficiency

buildings and structures is the
fastest growing trend in the

construction industry.
Sun Stop Window Tint a wide

range of window films to solve
common building envelope issues,

including hot spots,
interior fading, and safety..


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... going green


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Sun Stop Window Tint have a net

positive enviromental impact.

Buildings are such a large source

of carbon emissions, many building

managers and home owners are

concerned with reducing their

carbon footprint. Our Commercial

Window Films send the sun's heat

away from your building, giving you

and your company extensive

savings on your air-conditioning cost.





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