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Established in 1980 Sunstop Window
Tint is a professional window film
installation company that provides

commercial, residentional and automotive

film installation to home, business and

motor vehicle owners throughout

South Africa.








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Our mission is to provide the highest quailty of service to our customers at competitive prices. As one of the largest window tint companies in the industry, here at Sun Stop Window Tint, we're equipped to handle installation projects of all sizes and enjoy a client base which includes many blue chip companies, govement institutions, vehicle manufactures and major multinationals in SA.


Our certified installation proffessionals are experts in all aspects
of their trade and have over thirty years of expierence in the industry.
Our installers are trainedwith the best application techniques using the industry's latest technology.






Opt for Sun Stop Window Tint and have

confidence knowing you have selected

a product that will endure all elements

and perform to your satisfaction.


Sun Stop Window Tint is installed

on several hundred homes, business's

and thousands of cars every year.

We positively impact lives with

products that protect, save and renew.

Our reputation is synonymous with

premuim quality and service.


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